Ronin Freestyle Purpose, Mission and Principles

At Ronin Freestyle we are passionate about teaching effective martial arts and self-defence. We recognise that there is a huge difference between the world of traditional martial arts training and the world of MMA / full contact martial arts; and that each approach has points that may appeal to or dissuade potential students.

We want as many people as possible to engage in martial arts practice and that is why we offer a ‘middle way’ combining the values of traditional martial arts such as discipline, respect and the acquisition of skill and good technique with the practicality and utility of modern martial arts, avoiding the more esoteric aspects of some traditional practices and the perceived brutality and machismo that is sometimes associated with MMA and full contact martial arts.

Our mission is to be recognised as a unique, outstanding, quality martial arts and self-defence school in the Dudley area, that teaches effective martial arts, self-protection and self-defence to individuals of all abilities while promoting nonviolence and positivity, giving them the skills, confidence and knowledge to avoid or prevent potentially violent situations and of course the competence to deal with violence should it arise.

We teach live one on one drills that build skill, timing and distance from an effective guard or fence position. Strikes are practiced on pads and striking shields with no punches or kicks delivered to fresh air. In sparring we practice the ‘light continuous’ method where a safe, controlled amount of contact is delivered to the opponent. We do not teach traditional forms / kata*.

As our students progress we encourage them to apply skills and techniques in  ways that work for them, to express themselves freely, absorb what they can use, discard what they cannot and to add what is uniquely their own.

Throughout our syllabus we teach and encourage students to take responsibility for their own personal safety, through being respectful, proactive, mindful and above all positive as it is these attributes that are the mark of a true warrior.

We abide by five principles for effective self-management and self-defence:

  • Pacify before contending – All other options should be eliminated before resorting to violence
  • Seek victory before fighting – Aim to put oneself beyond defeat by preparing, planning and positioning before confrontation escalates into violence
  • Show spirit and counter with ferocity – This allows learned skills and techniques to flow naturally and freely without the mind settling on just one action
  • Aim to finish things quickly and efficiently
  • Closest to closest – As a general rule begin an attack/counter attack using the closest striking tool to the opponents nearest target

Anthony Dugmore

Chief Instructor


*With the exception of some weapon forms

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