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Ronin Freestyle Martial Art is a dynamic, progressive martial arts club with traditional values.

Our mission is to teach effective martial arts and self-defence in a way that promotes non-violence and a positive attitude.

We teach:

Ronin Freestyle Kempo includes strikes, kicks, trapping techniques, sensitivity drills, strangle holds, locks, throws, take-downs and the use of weapons from numerous disciplines. We understand that martial arts is so much more than physical fighting skills, that is why we take an holistic approach with our syllabus which includes self protection, assertiveness, conflict management, fighting spirit and the philosophy of ‘taking whole’.

The name Ronin Freestyle is taken from the Japanese word for master-less Samurai, this reflects the nature of Ronin FS as a system of Martial Arts that shows no favour to any particular art or style but absorbs that which is effective and discards that which is not.

Ronin Kickboxing  is a system that builds on the boxing and kickboxing techniques taken from the Ronin Freestyle kempo system.

Ronin Kali is a kali system that builds on the Arnis and Panantukan techniques that are included in the Ronin Freestyle Chinese Kempo jujitsu syllabus.

Kickboxing and Kali lessons are complimentary to each other as many Kali stick drills can be translated to empty hand and they help to increase empty hand speed and co-ordination.


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