Sparring Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect the safety and well being of all Ronin Freestyle Students and visitors while they take part in sparring.

Sparring is defined as two people trying to strike or immobilize each other at the same time.

  • Sparring is not compulsory, any student may opt out of sparring practice, this will not affect their grades
  • Probationary students that are not members of Ronin Freestyle will not be allowed to take part in sparring practice
  • Students must never attempt any move or technique that they have not been deemed competent  to carry out
  • Students will always be supervised during sparring practice
  • No joint manipulation or locks are allowed when practicing kickboxing sparring, some throws or takedowns may be allowed with prior permission from the instructor and prior consent from the sparring parties
  • For boxing sparring, MMA gloves or boxing gloves wil be worn along with a gum shield. Where fingerless MMA gloves are worn no punches to the front of the face will be allowed.
  • For kick boxing sparring, in addition to gum shield and MMA gloves shin pads and foot protectors will be worn
  • Children aged 16 and under will be required to wear head-guards and groin guards whist participating in sparring practice
  • Although not compulsory for adults, head-guards and groin guards are recommended for all sparring
  • No protective equipment is required for grappling though wearing of  groin guards and head guards is recommended
  • Any stick sparring will be done with padded sticks, safety glasses will be worn
  • Any knife work, sparring or otherwise will be performed with both parties wearing safety glasses. No live blades are to be used or brought into the training hall

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