Club Ethics

Students must bow when entering or leaving the training hall

Respect must be shown to instructors, fellow students and club guests at all times

Students must inform the instructor of any health or safety issues that may affect them or other students

Alcohol and none prescription drugs are not allowed in the training hall and must not be consumed before or during training

A high standard of personal hygiene must be maintained

Only Ronin members are allowed to train unless they are guests of the instructor

Students must never attempt a technique that they have not been shown by the instructor

Students must make the instructor aware before leaving the training hall for any reason e.g. toilet break, emergency phone call etc

Mobile phones must be switched to silent prior to training, mobile phones not be checked or answered during training unless the student has extraordinary prevailing circumstances and has informed the instructor

All students must cease training immediately if given the ‘STOP’ command by the instructor, as there may be a health and safety issue requiring attention

Techniques must not be used outside of the training hall unless it is in self defence

 Violation of any of the above ethics can result in termination of membership, as deemed necessary by the instructor

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