Pricing Policy

Ronin Freestyle is committed to providing a clear, open pricing structure for all students. The scope of this policy includes lesson fees, membership fees, grading fees, Ronin FSMA uniforms and protective equipment.

A Ronin price list is made available to all students and interested parties and includes lesson fees, membership fees, grading fees and price of uniforms. The price list does not include prices of protective equipment. All students will be notified of changes to the price list.

Lesson Fees

Lesson fees are included in the Ronin FSMA price list. If more than one student lives in the same household, i.e. parent and child, husband and wife or a child and their siblings, then a discount applies for each student of that household.

N.B Discount does not apply to non-dependant siblings that reside in the same household.

Membership Fees 

Student membership is renewable annually for a small fee. The price of membership is detailed in the Ronin FSMA price list and includes student licence and grading record and student membership of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). New students may attend training for up to 4 weeks before becoming a member.

Grading Fee (Exam Fee)

The cost of taking a grading is detailed in the Ronin FSMA Price list; this includes examination, grading certificate and belt.


Ronin uniform consists of a Ronin Freestyle t-shirt and black kickboxing trousers with two vertical white stripes, prices are detailed in the Ronin FSMA price list. Ronin hoodies are also available, though they are not part of the standard uniform, these too are detailed in the Ronin FSMA price list.

Protective Equipment and Sundry Items

Protective equipment and sundry items can be purchased through Ronin or the student can purchase their own. Any items purchased by the student must be approved by the instructor before they are used in the club. The price of protective equipment can vary depending upon the student’s preference or needs and are subject to price changes from the wholesaler. Students wishing to purchase protective equipment and sundry items should discuss it with their instructor who will inform them of the price and establish whether or not they wish to continue with the order. In any event protective equipment and sundry items will be sold to the student typically below the wholesalers recommended retail price and will never exceed it.

If the items are purchased mail order then delivery charges will apply, these will be agreed with the student before any order is placed.

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